Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Maya Automotive modeling Week 5

Story synopsis and Character profiles

Rocket, is a secret agent for Butterfly, an agency led by his father. After his younger brother Bo stumbles on some of his father's time traveling equipment, Rocket and Bo decide to go back in time out of curiosity. Whilst using the equipment, Rocket manages to save his father from a severe incident. His father unwillingly admits that it's time to pass on his legacy to his two sons, and he supports them on their missions in every way possible. On every mission, Rocket and Bo must help save the world from the evil warlord Verkil, who plans on using time travel as a means of killing all members of the current government, who's Police trampled their parents to death during a riot, 30 years ago.

Rocket is an overly-confident 18 year old, who's dashing good looks and charm allows him to have his way with the women in most situations. However, not being used to rejection can have it's toll on Rocket, and usually puts him in a bad mood. Other than his uncontrollable love for himself and woman, he carries out missions very professionally and very rarely underachieves in tasks. He also craves attention and tends to perform tasks with style. His pride to continue his family legacy drives him.

Bo, younger brother of Rocket, is a curious 12 year old who loves adventures and is always upbeat. His playful and curious attitude means he is usually at the forefront of big discoveries, however this usually leads to him being at the forefront of trouble too! He loves his friends and family and is protective of them despite his small physique. There is usually never a quiet moment when Bo is around as he loves to tell jokes, comment on everything and ask a range of questions.

Verkil, once an associate of Rocket's father, and co-creator of the time traveling equipment, is a crooked man fueled by revenge. 30 years ago, his parents were killed by Police during a riot. Verkil, overcome with hatred became very negative in his work, and Rocket's father was forced to abandon any progress made on time traveling equipment with Verkil. As a result, Verkil became a loner, and worked night and day on his own personalised time traveling equipment. This lifestyle turned him into a scheming, manipulative hunchbacked man, with one thing on his mind, getting revenge. He aims to take revenge out on the government of the past, and anyone else that gets in his way so that he can save his parents, and then take over world.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

My Video review of The Quatermass Xperiment!

I've decided to do another video review! A year later. Unfortunately, this one is without Shafi, I did this one on my own. Hope you all enjoy it!
Again, this video took ages to edit, and took kind of long to plan, but didn't take long to record. I hope the production stage turns out like this with our Retro-fest trailer!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Character Designs Week 4

Sidekick character revamp

After Justin convincing me that the characteristics/shape ratio didn't match up, I've decided to revamp my sidekick character and make his characteristic similar to Pi Zi Gou from the Taiwanese drama 'Black & White'.

These characteristics include:

- Funny
- Light hearted
- Playboy
- Accident-prone
- Likable

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Character Design: Second story idea

One town populated by Caterpillars, Chrysalis' and Butterflies.

Another town populated by Caterpillars, Cocoons and Moths.

Deep beneath Butterfly city are an evil secret agency that use the frozen state of their ancestor, a butterfly (a time machine), to travel back in time and change events in history for personal gain.

Deep beneath Moth city are a secret agent family, that use the frozen state of their ancestor, a Moth (a time machine), to travel back in time and fix the evil doings of the Butterfly city.

Legend: Two caterpillar lovers evolve into a butterfly and a moth. The family of the Butterfly refuse their child to be with a Moth. One day, the Butterfly and Moth wished both of them could be together in a different time and space, they wished so hard that their souls were lost in time, and all that was left of them, were the two bodies, frozen in time. Now, the bodies of these creatures are treasured by their descendants, and it is said that they hold the power to travel in time. However, the descendants of the butterfly family have used the time machine unethically and have changed pivotal events in history, it is up to the descendants of Moth City to save the future.

Automotive Modeling - Week 2

Friday, 1 October 2010

Another way of spreading Don Quixote...

After watching Lost in La Mancha, I coincidently found an article on the novel. Over 2000 YouTubers will be reading segments of the novel, and posting their videos to provide an alternative way of spreading the message of Don Quixote. However, it will be told in Spanish, so if you can speak Spanish, then you can become one of over 2000 readers reading a segment of Don Quixote!


Character Design: basic story idea

Evil People are changing the present by affecting things in the past. A group trying to stop these evil people are hunting them down, using state of the art gadgets such as the 'time-mask' used to prevent your mind from being affected by time travel.

In one mission, a detective loses his mask, and it drops into an orphanage.

A brother and sister are orphans here. The older of the two, the brother, finds the mask. Out of curiosity he puts it on. Suddenly he starts pressuring his sister, "where's Mum and Dad?". The sister replies, "what do you mean?". The mask that the older brother has found has allowed him to recollect any previous memories prior to any time travel that has occurred. The brother, remembers when their parents were kidnapped.

The brother goes and gets any information off the agent that he has got the mask from. He finds a device that allows him to go back in time. He recalls a memory of when his parents were taken away from him, and remembers a date, he goes back to this date. He looks for the person that kidnapped his parents. During this, he repeatedly sees a pair of blue glowing eyes surrounding him from time to time.

He finds the kidnapper. During a battle, he attempts to take down this person but instead takes down one of his minions. In a hurry, he uses the device to go back to the future. He repeatedly asks the minion, "where are my parents?". Then, the blue light closes in, it turns out this blue light was from the agency that are trying to stop the evil people. The agent says, that they need this minion.

The agent, takes him and the minion back to HQ. The good agency opt against, wiping the boys memory, as he has helped the agency, and also has missing parents he wants to find.

He agrees, to help find these bad guys in hope that he will eventually find his parents.