Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Num Num Interactive Trailer for Download

Using Flash, I've created an interactive trailer for Num Num. In essence, it is the video trailer with button commands created which require pressing for the video to continue. My sound track is also looped. Unfortunately I wasn't able to embed the flash file into a website so instead I've offered the file for download using the links below:
Num Num Interactive Trailer: PC (.exe)

Num Num Interactive Trailer MAC (.app) (needs to be unzipped first from a .zip)

Num Num Interactive Trailer: FLASH (.swf)

If you do decide to download the 'game', please be sure to click on the download link seen in the image below as the other false download links are created by various ads and can be misleading!!


  1. If you want, you can embed the flash file in a blog post.

    just copy and paste the code from here:

  2. Thanks so much Ryan, just posted it!! :D