Sunday, 1 December 2013

Owls, Angels, Northern Lights and Painters influences

Whilst researching painters that demonstrate a mood similar to what I wish to achieve with Prince Igor, I came across Melissa Forman and David M Bowers. These two artists produce work with a dark overlaying mood, lifted through a subject model that manages to provide a subtle sense of salvation.

I've decided to include a running theme of Angels to produce this sense of salvation.

The Northern Lights produces a sense of a miraculous atmosphere, housing the angels and pushing the purples and greens in Club Chemistry. Stained Glass windows may also be incorporated for there feature of Angels in Christian Art.

Owls will also influence my character design due to their nocturnal activity and visual prowess. In flight owls wings can visually be associated with the wings of angels. Owls also have three eyelids, with one nicitating membrane closing diagonally to protect the surface of the eye. I believe the look of the eye with the membrane closed has similarities to a blind person with a damaged cornea.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ethnicity and Profession development

In order to identify some possible character traits that may be inherited from his Russian and British descent, as well as characteristics that may develop from his blindness and affinity of Chemistry, I've created influence maps of famous people from each origin.