Saturday, 13 October 2012

Title Screens and Revised Concept Art


  1. Hey Bo,

    I'm looking at these images - and actually, in truth, there's something a bit gloomy and sinister about your colour palettes now - it's all looking a bit Cabinet of Dr Caligari - spiky, desaturated - and the font is a bit 'horror' too...

  2. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for your feedback. It's a coincidence you mentioned this just as I was watching the animated short, Nocturne. Although I will be changing my brief, as the project has changed ever since my first meeting with you, I do understand what you mean. I thought I might be able to keep it spiky, whilst being an upbeat, fun and lighthearted game, but I think a complete re-haul of my title screen, concept art, and character design of my Mask is needed now. I will replace spiky trees with curvy trees, dark blues, with lighter blues and rigid fonts with softer ones. Hopefully this will be all that is needed as I intend to begin the pre-vis stage on Tuesday.