Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mahiki interface: Further font and layer style tests

UPDATE: Revised Pineapple count symbol, added glow

Thanks for the feedback Phil, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the floating pineapples aren't a part of post-production, in order to change them I would have to alter the individual textures applied in Maya, and then re-render the entire animation. Once the network is back up, I'll calculate whether it's feasible timewise and proceed.

Font 1 + Drop Shadow

 Font 1 + Brown Stroke

 Font 1 + Drop Shadow + Brown Stroke

Font 2 + Drop Shadow + Brown Stroke

 Font 3 + Drop Shadow + Brown Stroke


  1. 'Font 1 + Drop Shadow + Brown Stroke' :)

    Also - can you give pineapple score cut-out a bit more oomph - somehow it looks very plain and a bit flat in comparison with everything else in your world - maybe a bit of a glow or more of a drop shadow - something to throw it forward - it does seem a bit too desaturated to me...

  2. Hi Bo,

    I didn't mean the floating pineapples - I just meant the score-card cut pineapples as part of the interface - and I think the new glowing pineapple lends another bit of welcome richness to your interface. Looking good, Bo :)