Thursday, 19 September 2013

DJ/Lab Technician Tests


  1. Hi Bo.

    I think your design confusion is coming from a misunderstanding of the word 'character'. In short you have no clues to the 'character' beyond the two 'external' words "DJ" and "Lab Technician". Both of those terms doesn't tell me anything about who he is internally...for example, funny, evil, deceptive, mad, crazy, sad etc. Another way to find something to extract into a design is to give your character a 'flaw'. A Villian's flaw is often overconfidence, in hero's is naivety. In a lab technican it could be 'clumbsiness', 'lack of knowledge', 'fear of animals'. For a DJ it could be 'superficiality', 'needing to be liked', 'a fear of crowds' and so on.

    Knowing something internal helps you to draw the character from the inside out.

    1. Hey Alan,

      Thanks so much! That's a great suggestion. I never fully appreciated the extent to which character traits drive design choices. I'll continue developing him with this in mind now :)

  2. Hi Bo,

    You should watch both versions of the film 'The Nutty Professor" (1996 & 1963). Both films feature a chemical mix that brings about confidence and physical change.