Monday, 5 October 2009

Maya Dice Render

These are the dice that I've rendered using Alan's tutorials, I ran into several problems, perhaps the most annoying being forgetting to save regularly and finding that 'Maya has unexpectedly Quit' while approaching the end of the tutorial. After rendering my dice, a message came up at the bottom of Maya saying that the render camera was too close, however it did still render, but when saving, the resulting .TIFF file seemed to be corrupted according to Blogger and had to be converted to JPEG. The other problem was the unwanted creation of vertices but this was covered by Alan. I did however, get my plane to randomly rotate when re-selecting my camera, this was one problem that led to Maya unexpectedly quitting. Otherwise, the only other things that I did not understand were things like deleting alphas from photoshop and tweaking the light settings in Maya, but I suppose I will eventually understand these things as the course progresses and should just do as Alan's tutorials say at the moment.

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