Monday, 5 October 2009

Self Portrait idea

These are a few ideas I've put together for my portrait, although the picture is landscape, the ideas can be transfered to portrait. I'm expressing here the idea of how much a picture can say about someone, does a picture have the potential to reveal someone's entire life? I realised that when doing a self-portrait, it's inevitable that you're conveying who you believe you are at that certain time of your life. So I began by placing an image of myself in the middle, this image is sort of how I believe I look most of the time, if I was to choose clothes to represent how I dressed at this age it would be them. Then to the left I would express how I lived using existing photos of myself since I was a baby. Then to the right of me, I would express how I believed the rest of my life would unfold, what job I would get etc. The long vertical black gap along the right represents death, at this point of my life, death is one thing I can't think of, I couldn't guess how I might die, this might change as I get older but at the moment I cannot portray this in my portrait.

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