Monday, 14 December 2009

Cindy Sherman - Untitled Film Still #14

I fall into a trance everytime I look at this piece by Cindy Sherman, I end up staring into her eyes trying to make sense of what she's thinking.

The facts that she's looking off-camera is a technique that we discussed in Unit 1 - Portraiture, it is a demanding technique and we become drawn to her instead of her attempting to gain our attention.

The low-angle shot used provides the subject with superiority over us, and we 'look up' to her working in harmony her 'off-camera eyes'.

She is however, not entirely the most 'powerful' subject of this photograph, as the tall buildings in the background are well above her, I believe this helps to enclose her in this world, and may play a part in what she's looking at, and what she's thinking.

The eventual feeling that I get from her, is a hint of 'disgust' at what she's looking at as if she's seeing something happen that although she's not involved in, she feels personally, emotionally involved.

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