Monday, 14 December 2009

Repulsion (1965) video analysis by Bharathi and Shafi

This is the second in our series: 'Two Indians and a film', loool I'm jkn, that's not the name of our series. I found analysing Repulsion great fun, and pleasantly surprising being able to find 'amusing' scenes from this psychological thriller. These video analysis' take ages to edit, and I may have to give it a break until I catch up with the rest of the unit, I really do hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do making them, because I do want to continue doing so. NOTE: the first 10 seconds or so will only play through the left ear, sorry about this, won't happen in further uploads.


  1. Hi Boys - another enjoyable broadcast! :-) I think you need to start enlisting some 'guest stars' to commentate... it's obvious that the editing etc. takes a while, so be sure to focus on your Unit 3 stuff - but, I'm not going to lie - you've got a great rapport and some good stuff 'going on' - so more please (but only when you have the time!).

  2. Hilarious and informative! Great choice of scenes and editing, love it and look forward to next one :P