Thursday, 10 December 2009

I Am Legend moving mannequin scene analysis by Bharathi and Shafi

When Phil done the presentation on the Uncanny valley, various movies came to mind that involved uncanny scenes, one of these was I Am Legend. Throughout, there is a relationship that Robert (Will Smith) has with the mannequins, this spurs from him being away from human contact for so long and as a result he begins to treat the mannequins almost as humans. There is one particular scene that was very well directed. Things fail to be uncanny when they begin to move or take life, Phil gave Chucky as an example, despite dolls being uncanny, the movie chooses not to portray this by animating the doll. In this particular I Am Legend scene, the mannequin DOES move, however it is done so subtly that the majority of audiences either don't realise it or believe that it was a camera trick or that their eyes were deceiving them. Thanks to Shafi for providing in depth analysis aswell as moral support.

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST GENTLEMEN!!! You two look so 'cute' - with your urban 'speak' and your hooded top :-) Seriously, this is a very engaging way of communicating your ideas - you're quite a double act! More please - BUT be sure to be rigorous in your analysis... great stuff boys!