Friday, 1 October 2010

Character Design: basic story idea

Evil People are changing the present by affecting things in the past. A group trying to stop these evil people are hunting them down, using state of the art gadgets such as the 'time-mask' used to prevent your mind from being affected by time travel.

In one mission, a detective loses his mask, and it drops into an orphanage.

A brother and sister are orphans here. The older of the two, the brother, finds the mask. Out of curiosity he puts it on. Suddenly he starts pressuring his sister, "where's Mum and Dad?". The sister replies, "what do you mean?". The mask that the older brother has found has allowed him to recollect any previous memories prior to any time travel that has occurred. The brother, remembers when their parents were kidnapped.

The brother goes and gets any information off the agent that he has got the mask from. He finds a device that allows him to go back in time. He recalls a memory of when his parents were taken away from him, and remembers a date, he goes back to this date. He looks for the person that kidnapped his parents. During this, he repeatedly sees a pair of blue glowing eyes surrounding him from time to time.

He finds the kidnapper. During a battle, he attempts to take down this person but instead takes down one of his minions. In a hurry, he uses the device to go back to the future. He repeatedly asks the minion, "where are my parents?". Then, the blue light closes in, it turns out this blue light was from the agency that are trying to stop the evil people. The agent says, that they need this minion.

The agent, takes him and the minion back to HQ. The good agency opt against, wiping the boys memory, as he has helped the agency, and also has missing parents he wants to find.

He agrees, to help find these bad guys in hope that he will eventually find his parents.

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