Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mulholland Drive review

After watching Mulholland Drive, the feeling I got, was similar to the feeling I had after watching Kill Bill. I felt this way because throughout, the movie was gripping, however after, I could not decide whether I liked it or not. For me, Mulholland Drive did what Kill Bill did with genres, to story. In Kill Bill, a mix of genres was a major part of the film, whereas Mulholland Drive focussed on story. There were parts of the film where I felt as if I was getting closer to working out what was going on, however the film repeatedly kept changing, preventing me from 'getting it'. The film presented three different films at once that each blended together to confuse the audience, one was the story of a budding actress trying to make it in Hollywood, the other was the story of a lady and her dealing with her sexuality, and the last was the story of a lady dealing with amnesia. The film also plays with your mental strength. There are scenes where you are informed of something, then led to believe something completely different. The scene in which Diane auditions, you are led into believing that her performance is not a performance but real life. Also, the theatre scene, you are initially informed that everything that proceeds is pre-recorded, however you are led to believe that it is live. The film plays with many Hollywood conventions and also plays with many worldwide beliefs that you have grown to accept.

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