Thursday, 30 September 2010

Kill Bill review

I watched Kill Bill all the way through, without wanting to take my eyes off it. Because of this, I believe it was successful. Whether I liked it or not, I don't know. The editing style used was definitely unique, and I haven't seen anything like it. If I had a problem with anything, it would have to be the story. It is in whole, a story of revenge. I don't know if it's just me being brought up with the traditional revenge stories, but when I see a 'revenge story' I always expect, and now want the message of the story to be that 'revenge is not the answer'. I did not feel this message from Kill Bill. I did however, enjoy the mashup of various styles, including Martial Arts, Japanese gangster and American Western films. I liked this, because it played with my expectations, for example the opening scene where Uma Therman kills her first target, I did not expect a fight within the household due to the setup and colours used, I didn't see it coming. And what a fight it was using a Chinese Wuxia genre, it was fresh.

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