Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Second script idea

Again, using the analysis I've done for the soundscape, I've created another script idea. My second idea spurred from the soundscapes tendency to switch between themes so often. This got me thinking about the 1968 animated show 'Wacky Racers'. I decided the various racers would provide me with a number of different focal points to accompany the constant change in theme music.

They set off on the race.

We see one racer going ahead.

Another racer follows.

As the two fight for first place, they begin arguing whilst in their vehicles.

They don't realise there is a 'no bridge' sign ahead, and they both fall off.

Then directly behind them we see a racer that has built-in wings into it's car and flies over the gap.

Following behind that racer, is another racer that drives off the gap and hangs onto the flying-car.

Another 5 cars, fly over the gap and hang onto each racer consecutively.

The weight of the 6 racers proves too much for the flying car, and it doesn't make it over the gap and instead crashes into the hill.

We then see a racer that had decided to go around the gap instead of over, and we see this racer winning. (this part goes past the 0:45 mark and occurs during the two handed piano solo).

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