Saturday, 25 September 2010

Influence Map

Back to the Future - I've included this in my influence map as I like the characters of Marty McFly and Doc Brown the nutty professor. Marty McFly, being a teenage high school student is eager to get back to his time with his family and friends there. While Doc Brown provides the comic relief. I like the use of the Clock Tower and the idea of using the car to get to the past/future.

Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure - I really enjoyed the journey in this film as Bill and Ted bring back characters from the past in order to pass their History course. The use of a telephone box to go back in time is unique and was used during the promotion of the film.

James Bond - James Bond's gadgets and his personality come across strong in the films and its what personifies him as a secret agent. His preference of a Martini, shaken not stirred, has become iconic throughout the James Bond series. His lifestyle and clothes reflect his demeanor, spending time in Hotels and Casino's.

Bourne series - Jason Bourne's fighting style throughout the Bourne series differentiates it from others, it's a no nonsense style, where the goal is always to get an opponent down. His clothes are always a dark colour so that he isn't easily noticeable. I like the story throughout this, where he is constantly trying to 'remember', and uncover parts of his past. Although not a secret agent, his demeanor contains traits of what a secret agent would do as he was trained by a secret organization.

Men In Black - I like the characters in Men In Black, Will Smith provides the comedy and Tommy Lee Jones is the no nonsense serious character that wants to get a job done his way. The creative gadgets in MIB, such as the noisy cricket or the neuralizer differentiate it from other films. The suit and glasses also help identify them as a secret agents. The HQ in MIB is futuristic and separates it from the rest of the world.

Totally Spies (the HQ) - THe headquarters in Totally Spies is very futuristic with a minimalist and technological look that separates it from the rest of the world.

Mission Impossible - The gadgets in this film aswell as the clothing, classify Tom Cruise as a secret agent in this. His stunts also help brand him, with him using wires and guns.

Heroes (Hiro) - I like the concept of Hiro have to concentrate hard to stop time, and that it's something he has to practice and become better at it.

La Jetee - I also like the time traveling concept in this, as he is time traveling in his head, rather than physically doing it.

The Time Machine - The device used in this film to time travel is an inspiration, as the design comes across as some sort of abstract flying vehicle.

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