Thursday, 9 September 2010

Soundscape 31

I've received Soundscape 31 for my Summer Assignment. As we are to respond creatively, with a lot of scope to forward this project in our own manner, I have started by researching scenes from TV shows that incorporate a similar genre of music. The given soundscape has a jazz feel to it, with many changes in texture. I have found two scenes, one from the 1968 Batman cartoon and the other from the (1941-1956) Tom and Jerry cartoon. They are both chase scenes. Jazz Music of this kind, being used in chase scenes has become a convention.

I will next explore the application of Jazz music similar to my Soundscape, on unconventional scenes as I understand the juxtaposition of the music against an unconventional scene could draw different emotions from the audience.


  1. You're still alive, Bharathi! I was getting worried... :-)

  2. haha, yes, I'll start to get more material on my blog now...Also, I know you've asked me to change the template of my blog several times so I'll be coming into uni Monday to hopefully borrow a graphic tablet if possible, to create some graphics for my new blog template.