Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Third script idea

'Hungry guy' walks around.

Sees a poster on a tree for a free buffet.

He pulls the poster off, reads it, then chucks the poster on the floor and runs towards the buffet.

He asks a member of public but this person has no idea what buffet he means, so 'hungy guy' runs back to get the poster.

After, it nearly blowing away in the wind, he grabs it on the third attempt.

He asks the same guy again, and the guy points to a sign behind him saying "buffet this way". Hungry guy puts his face in his palm.

He runs towards the buffet and sees members of public on the way carrying buffet bags.

He then sees the buffet shop and runs up and down the hills in excitement towards it.

He eventually gets there and sees a big guy walking out of the buffet licking his fingers as the buffet shop puts it's 'closed' sign up.

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