Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bad Kids go to Hell review

I really enjoyed reading this comic book. It was the fact that I could never guess what was going to happen next that kept me reading it. I could hint on several of the characters, such as, Kelly, I had a feeling she would have a reappearance in the story while I was reading, but I never would of guessed her role in the comic. The book was full of twists which was what kept sending the story in different directions for me. Throughout I could never work out "who was responsible", in my mind I ended up blaming each and every character for the damage that was being caused throughout, I even had a moment where I thought it was actually 'Rainwater's' ghost, I feel kind of embarrassed now. I really liked the ending with the 'chess piece', it provides an 'ooooooohhhhhhhh' moment. The book was inspirational, what always gets me in storytelling, are the twists, unexpected moments that change the course of a story completely. While reading, I thought it was too much of a coincidence that Matt had met every single one of the students in that room during his time in Crestview. But it turns out that this was just what it was, a massive coincidence, he was actually not meant to be in that room, and even Matt says during the comic "there are no coincidences", which I thought, justified this big coincidence story-wise. I really do hope that I can someday create a story as compelling and with as many unexpected twists as 'Bad Kids go to Hell'.


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  2. Cool Review!
    I love how you mentioned the chess piece in your review,as that too creeped me out! xD lol.
    This book is very inspirational & the writers are very talented!
    I also did a review on Bad Kids if you want to check it out..