Monday, 14 February 2011

Character Development 3

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  1. Hey Bharathi,

    Perhaps you see now why I suggested that making an animated short with three characters was too ambitious? I'm a bit concerned in truth, as your character designs are stuck at a very generic and 'spongey' place; I know you're looking at the original artworks for inspiration, but these MUST work as dynamic and successful character designs too; when you see me on Tuesday, bring a memory stick and I'll give you some helpful pdfs on drawing characters etc. I'm even thinking now that you should concentrate on getting just ONE of these three ready for deadline day, because, in truth, your actual design work needs rethinking. One basic idea is stop drawing your characters with their clothes already on! Deal with with anatomy and proportion - and then clothe them:

    also spend a few hours on here:

    It's almost as if your 10 weeks of character design hasn't really sunk in! A reality check is now required! And yes, trust me on this - you should look to resolve ONE character into cg - not three - you won't get the quality otherwise.