Monday, 7 February 2011

Notable techniques in Tanjore paintings

After looking through various Tanjore paintings and identifying the common characteristics, I have found some examples of these characteristics, which I can transfer onto my character and set design.

A typical Thanjavur painting would consist of one main figure, a deity, with a well-rounded body & almond shaped eyes.

This figure would be housed in an enclosure created by means of an arch, curtains etc.

The painting would be made by the gilded and gem-set technique - a technique where gold leaves & sparkling stones are used to highlight certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses etc.

Gold leaves and gems of varied hues are used in selected areas like pillars, arches, thrones, dresses, etc.

For outlines dark brown is usually used.

Red is favoured for the background. Scholars say that a red background is the distinctive mark of Tanjore paintings, but green is also sometimes used.

Lord Vishnu, appropriately enough, is coloured blue, and Lord Nataraja chalk white. Yellow is used for the Goddesses. The sky, of course, is blue, but black is employed only on occasions.

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