Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Decision to base art style on Tanjore art

I've specifically decided to look at Tanjore art as "Tanjore painting ranks among the greatest traditional art forms for which India is noted worldwide", so using it would not be unfamiliar to audiences. Tracing its roots to the historical golden era of the early 18th century, Tanjore artwork is one of the many indigenous art forms for which India is noted.
I also believe that with the light hearted, children's tale, that I will be aiming at portraying, the bright colours created from the semi-precious stones would help portray this.

The paintings are notable for their adornment in the form of semi-precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold. The rich vibrant colors, dashes of gold, semi-precious stones and fine artistic work are characteristics of these paintings. They add beauty and culture to a variety of surroundings and d├ęcor.

Crafted with meticulous care the Thanjavoor (Tanjore) pictures are unique. What sets them apart from Indian paintings in general are the embellishments made over the basic drawings with precious and semi-precious stones as well as the relief work which gives them a three dimensional effect.

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