Saturday, 13 April 2013

Num Num Previs

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  1. Hey Bo,

    Okay - a couple of things to think about;

    1) spelling! *Preparation* !!!
    2) I think the various info titles need to be on screen for longer; right now it does feel as if these elements are being snatched away from the viewer just as we we begin to settle in to reading them.
    3) Num-Num is definitely kept too far away from us. Why not simply include close-up sequences of Num-Num eating, for example - as right now you're not making enough of him and our relationship with him is literally kept at arm's length.
    3) In terms of all the white space, why not have all the cutting of the carrot and the assembly of the sandwich happen in the space above Num-Num's head - so we can really see these moments; so we see the carrot get diced nice and large? It just seems to me that everything of interest in your world is being dealt with at too far a distance from the viewer.
    4) Don't put the milk back in the fridge - if it's off, it should be disposed of, but I'm wondering if in your education universe the milk carton should be seen to be recycled too?
    5) The pig sequence needs to be more dynamic - i.e. closer to the camera and more engaging - again, everything is too far away.
    6) In terms of backgrounds for your space, I still want to see some alternates, but maybe you could consider something like: