Sunday, 27 September 2009

Analysis of 'Julia Margaret Cameron' '
My Favorite Picture of All My Works'

In this photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron, titled 'My Favourite Picture Of All My Works' we see a close up of one of her nieces. In this image, there is particular focus on the subject's face while there is some aberration on her hair and clothes. This encourages the audience to concentrate on her facial features, when looking into her eyes, you tend to wonder what she is looking at as she is not looking directly at the lens. As well as this, you are also curious to find out what she is thinking, as the serenity in her eyes make you feel calm while at the same time curious to know what's making her feel this way.This curiosity is also built up from the lighting, there is a light source from below, near to the direction she is looking at, making you more and more eager to see what she's seeing. The techniques used, as well as not being able to see what she sees also evokes envy in the viewers. In photography, when the subject look away from the lens, the picture tends to become less confrontational and the subject tends to distance itself from the picture or redirect attention to the object they are looking at. With the light hitting her face, you almost feel as if she is moving from the darkness, into the light.

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