Sunday, 27 September 2009

Analysis of 'Rembrandt' 'Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple'

In this painting by Rembrandt, titled Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple, we have medium shot of every member in the painting, enough to make out their facial expressions. This is a very eventful picture in the sense that when you first lay your eyes on it, you don't have a starting point, you tend to hover over every subject frantically. The way in which it is framed adds to the commotion as every member is packed into the shot as if they are being caved in. A famous proverb, passed on into Art, is that "the eyes are the window to the soul", looking at each persons eyes in the painting reveals a lot about all the different emotions being felt at this moment in time, almost making you sympathise or relate to, in effect making you feel as part of the picture. Also once, you've taken in the emotion being felt by each person, you then follow their eyes to discover what they are look at, however, in this painting, doing this results in your eyes traveling in a continuos circle which again helps to create the frantic and rushed mood of the painting.

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