Sunday, 27 September 2009

Analysis of 'Rembrandt' 'Philosopher Reading'

In this painting titled Philosopher Reading, by Rembrandt, we see an old man, fairly large in figure, sitting by a window reading through some books. Already by identifying the aesthetics of this person, we can perceive him as an experienced man due to his beard and someone that doesn't do much physical activity due to both his weight and the fact that he is using the window as a means of relating to the outside world. A common convention in many paintings of people, is that when a window features, it draws connotations that the subject is a well travelled person. However, in this picture, the scenery outside of the window is not revealed, due to the sunlight and implies that he could also be using this to aid his reading. The subject of the painting is also sitting a fair way away from the painter, in what seems to be a very empty and spacious house, this evokes a sense of loneliness towards the subject. The characteristics being conveyed in this painting are enough to enable the viewer to assume the subject is a philosopher without even seeing the title of the painting, this is something that although doesn't inspire individual thinking, allows the painter to spread his message.

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