Sunday, 27 September 2009

Analysis of 'Together We Are Beautiful' 'Rael Gough'

This painting by Rael Gough entitled 'Together We Are Beautiful' is another piece that provides inspiration to the creation of my self-portrait, it represents our community and our surroundings as one. In a world where there are different continents, different countries and different cultures, for me, this really puts everything into perspective, regardless of our differences, we are one, under one roof. Togetherness is expressed further by making all the dots as close as possible to eachother leaving no gaps. A message of equality is also conveyed in the painting, as people's heads are presented as equally sized dots. However, our differences are also expressed as there is a variety of colours used, this shows our differences, this is an important aspect of the painting as it shows that as individuals we are unique. But this does not imply that we should be individuals as the artist has packed all the variety of colours together to create a colourful community and the title 'Together We Are Beautiful'. Each individual in the painting is displayed as a circle on the canvas, I believe this is used in association with the Earth's spherical shape to imply we are all one community under Earth.

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  1. Hi Bharathi,

    Thanks for posting: I'm not familiar with this artists work... don't forget to upload your life-drawing images, and your Maya work etc. Be sure to have everything uploaded to your blog before the end of Monday, as I'll be reviewing your progress online from 9am on Tuesday... looking forward to it!