Thursday, 25 February 2010

New 3 clowns designs


  1. Evening Bharathi,

    These character designs are SOOOOOOOO much more communicative and instantly 'readable' - I really like them :-) So, have you resolved your story idea to your satisfaction?

  2. Hi Phil, thanks, the visit from Colin really helped with the development of my characters and I'm glad you like them. I have decided to take your advice on creating a 1 minute trailer for my CCSI series and this therefore provides a bit more leeway in terms of how the story can be told. I am currently getting shots together and am currently working using the following ideas that have spurred from the 1 minute CSI trailer you advised me to watch:

    - establishin shot of areas -
    - 'punch line do not cross'
    - dead clown body
    - what could have caused it
    - investigating case
    - (running through doors, microscopes, analysing evidence)
    - more establishin shots????
    - From the creator of...
    - CCSI!!!!!!
    - quotes from actos e.g. "we solve crimes most labs render unsolveable
    " we must work together"
    flash from clown camera into cut?
    more scenes of quotes plus interrogation/talking between clowns
    more establishing quotes
    more quotes or narrative (with UV light etc techniques used in background)
    Introduce actors/actresses with maybe clown saying their famous quote etc

  3. "punchline - do not cross" - another flash of punning genuis, Bharathi!

    I believe the phrase is 'LOL'?