Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Plot for SECOND Idea!

Really appreciate the comments left by Phil on my first idea, it really put things in perspective for me. The example story that Phil gave was so good! The idea about a Frankenstein monster being developed using a clown's foot which resulted in the monster performing unicycle tricks. I laughed, and was soooo tempted to use it in my piece, as I could imagine the shots coming together, however I did feel a sense of cheating, and it felt as if I was taking Phil's idea rather than taking his advice. I've started considering the three acts (capturing attention, creating suspense and resolving an issue), as presented to us by Phil in the briefing.

As a result, I have created another plot which will be my 2nd idea:

Catching attention
The story begins with a clown on a unicycle speeding it's way into a laboratory, occupied by one scientist, and then crashing into the lab equipment.

The scientist rushes to the clown and after taking his pulse, confirms his death. He immediately reaches for his phone and dials 999, however, the scientist only goes as far as dialing '99' as he realises that the clown's death provides him with the perfect opportunity to carry out an experiment in which he had been awaiting a patient for (this realisation is made evident with a 'change in focus' shot that switches from his phone to the 'Experiment X' folder behind it). He sets up his equipment, and turns everything on in the hope of reviving the clown.

To his amazement, the clown rises. However, the clown does not look happy, it gets up, and walks towards the scientist, forcing him backwards. It raises it's hands as if to strangle the scientist (referencing Frankenstein) but then, instead of strangling the scientist, it walks beyond him, and reaches for the unicycle. It begins to ride this, circling the scientist in a joking manner.

Additional points:
I don't believe where the unicycle came from and why it was inside a Medical building needs to be established. I believe this, because the fact that the clown is misplaced in this environment adds to the mysterious nature of the scenes that follow.


  1. Hey Bharathi - how about giving the laboratory a bit more thought; couldn't it be a forensic police lab, for instance? With a clown corpse following a suspicious unicycle accident? Maybe a whodunnit (for instance, was it the elephant balancing on the ball etc.). It's exactly the issues surrounding the reason for the unicycle being in the lab that, with a bit of creative thinking, can give you a great set-up for a story...

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