Monday, 8 February 2010

Plot for FOURTH idea!

Begins with a 999 call being made at the scene of a crime. Call is made by a girl in her early 20s. Next to her, is a dead clown with a unicycle beside him.

We then cut straight to a few days later when the detectives begin to interrogate the possible suspects. One detective speaks to the girl that made the 999 call, while the other awaits a call to confirm forensic results before interrogating the 3 suspects they have.

The detective receives the call and confirms with the analyst over at the forensics lab that their were traces of 'lavender' and a 'button' that may possibly belong to some sort of bag. After this confirmation, he begins interrogating the 3 possible suspects.

We then cut to the talk between the female witness and the detective, he asks her questions such as "Can you please provide us with your account of what happened mam?" and "Did you make any contact with the body?", she replies by saying "I was just walking back from work, and he was just lying there, with blood comin from his head, I immediately called the police"
and "No! I wouldn't go near it, let alone touch it!". After receiving these replies, he lets her leave. As she leaves, she drops her bag, and the detective helps pick her items back up.

We then cut back to the interrogation between the detective and the 3 suspects. He asks them questions such as "Where were you on the 8th February?", "Can you explain why lavender from your shop was found at the scene of the crime?", "Can you explain why this button, a button that you sell at your shop was found at the scene of the crime". The scene is shot by the questions being simultaneously answered by each suspect to defeat the need to show each interrogation which would be boring. The detective fails to get any information out of the suspects and steps out for a while.

The other detective completes the talk with the female witness and joins the detective, he asks "any luck with the suspects, also was that the forensics lab on the phone?". The detective interrogating the suspects answers, "no luck, and yh they were forensics confirming that there were traces of lavender and a button found at the scene". The detective that spoke to the witness then says "what?!" and realises (with flashbacks) that the witness had a piece of lavender in her hair aswell as the fact that her bag fell on the ground as a result of it having no button.

He pursues her, before she leaves the police station. He takes her in again. Thinks for a second. He walks out, and comes back in with a picture of a clown and leaves it on the desk. The girl remains calm for a few seconds, then out of nowhere she bursts out, attacking the picture of the clown. (The assumption here, is that she's a freak, that hates clowns). The detective cuffs her.

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