Monday, 1 February 2010

Plot for First Idea!

It's 2035 and the advancements in technology has resulted in the introduction of ubiquitous services via robots. As a result, 95% of humans have become reliant on robots and do not require the need to go outside their houses. The majority of the outside world is populated by robots resembling various types of bicycles.

The story begins with the dumping of a bag, fit for a human, in an alley way. Within this alley, rests a unicycle, by the name of 'Hero Cycle', disposed of by it's owner. It witnesses the dumping, and proceeds to investigate. It scans the bag and identifies it, and then transfers a signal to the 'police', the police motorbike comes over. It identifies the bag and then flips it onto it's seat and drives off. The unicycles, known as the 'Baddies', that dumped the body happen to see the motorbike leave with the bag, and then in calculating the correct decision to take, decide to pursue the police bike. Then, 'Hero cycle' sees the 'Baddies' chasing after the police bike and it decides to observe what's happening.

The Police bike stops for electricity. Whilst recharging, the 'Baddies' see this as an opportunity to retrieve the corpse, they succeed in this, and begin their getaway. They encounter 'Hero Cycle' on the way back who takes the corpse back off them and then cycles towards the Police motorbike. Once 'Hero Cycle' catches up with the police bike, it realises that the police back has malfunctioned during the removal of the corpse during it's recharge. 'Hero Cycle' views the motorbike's display to see that the last message received was 'Recomended location: Laboratory', it then makes it's way there. Trouble entails as it attempts to get to laboratory, but it finally does.

This is my first idea, which still seems a bit too risky in terms of the world that I've set this in. I also believe that the 3 objects can be used differently, for example, using 1 object per Act. So every act, a new object is discovered. I may refine this, to create a more structure story, or may just work on a new concept in a more structured way.

Here is some research carried out for this concept. In this idea, the different types of unicycles stated below, relate to the various species of unicycles I could portray:


▪ the wheel (which includes the tire, tube, rim, spokes, hub and axle)
▪ the cranks
▪ pedals
▪ fork-style frame
▪ seatpost
▪ saddle (the seat of the unicycle)

The many different types of unicycles can include:
▪ freestyle unicycles
▪ trial unicycles
▪ MUnis
▪ giraffes
▪ long distance unicycles

Variations include:

▪ Giraffe
▪ Geared unicycle ("GUni")
▪ Multi-wheeled unicycle
▪ Kangaroo unicycle
▪ Eccentric unicycle
▪ Ultimate wheel
▪ Impossible wheel
▪ Monocycle
▪ Eunicycle
▪ Freewheeling unicycle
▪ tandem
▪ recumbent
▪ hydraulic giraffe
▪ unibike
▪ suicycle
▪ motorized unicycle

To begin with, when your heart stops beating, your body's cells and tissues stop receiving oxygen. Brain cells are the first to die-- usually within three to seven minutes.
About three hours after death, rigor mortis -- a stiffening of muscles -- sets in.

May be used as the 'MacGuffin' in my story, and therefore may never be seen.

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  1. Hi Bharathi - hmmm - you need to rethink this idea straight away; you're making the classic error of grafting your objects into a much too complex world; when we spoke earlier today, and you were talking about the macguffin, I had my suspicions. I want you to try a much more 'honest' and radical approach; make your corpse the protagonist; for instance, a very famous 'corpse' is frankenstein's monster (who resided in a laboratory after all); imagine for instance, that Dr Frankenstein had (unwittingly) used the legs from a dead clown to create his 'living corpse' - so, the moment he'd awakened, he's doing tricks on a unicycle... you're not asking yourself the most interesting question; how can all these objects exist logically in a ONE MINUTE animation; this isn't I, Robot or Minority Report - how can it be? You're being asked to pre-produce an animated short - not a hollywood blockbuster... Back away from the 'world of 2035' ... and that's an order, soldier!