Tuesday, 11 May 2010

3rd Story line

A spore, named Forrest has bagged a date with another spore named Fearne!
Forrest wants to leave his house, but he gets butterflies... (a butterfly flies across the screen)
Forrest needs a little push from a friend, in this case a raindrop!
Forrest then plucks up the courage to leave his house, and begin his journey to Fearnes!
Fearne leaves her house and both her and Forrest fly through the air on their date. (images of a cinema and a restaurant fly past the screen)
Both Forrest and Fearne land on the ground as their date comes to an end.
They begin to talk to eachother and 'grow' in confidence into Gametophyes.
Eventually Forrest sends Fearne his number, or sperm, via bluetooth or a raindrop.

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