Sunday, 2 May 2010

Life Cycle of a Fern and research

I have decided on doing the life cycle of a fern. As I looked over each life cycle, I attempted to envisage my animation coming together in each cycle. 'The Life of a Fern' and 'The Life of a Slime Mold' were the two where I could not only picture it coming together in 3D, but I could also see it coming together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. As these visions were only based on the .pdf's given by Dr. Klappa, I further looked into each life cycle. I found more revealing and clear explanations aswell as images for the life cycle of a fern, this finalised my decision and I will now begin with sketches of my visuals before moving onto a storyboard.

Having looked at the Life cycle of a fern, I am edging towards creating the part of the life cycle from the dispersal of the spores to the release of sperm from the male gametophyte.

I would also like to aim my animation at undergraduate students. I believe doing this will provide me with an opportunity to create more complex visuals such as increasing the speed of movement in some objects and onscreen activity aswell as using a variety of camera angles without compromising the effectiveness of the communication.

This video, despite its less serious delivery, provided me with a basic knowledge of the overall life cycle of a fern. This actually is a good example of how certain methods of delivery can benefit a number of audiences, however, I do believe using this particular method of delivery would prove difficult in elaborating on certain parts of the life cycle.

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