Thursday, 13 May 2010

Script for Animation

Hello there, I would like to introduce you to the world of Ferns. Now Ferns, are just like houses, and as houses are homes to human beings like you and me, Ferns are homes to spores. Now this particular Fern is home to Mr. Forrest, but we can't see Mr. Forrest, oh no. Why you ask, because Mr. Forrest is getting ready for a date! But it has been an awful long time, and I wonder if Mr. Forrest is suffering from a case of the butterflies. Now I personally think Mr. Forrest needs a bit of a push. There we go! and he's off, look at him go! Oh, look, I think I see his date, Ms. Fearne! And so their date entails, awww don't they look cute! But unfortunately, what comes up, must come down, and their date slowly comes to an end. But before they leave eachother, they have the longest chat ever! And as they speak, they begin to grow in confidence, into Gametophytes! Now, Mr. Forrest is ready to give Ms. Fearne his number! But he doesn't send his number to her via bluetooth, oh no, he send his number via a raindrop! The date finally comes to an end, and Mr. Forrest has the biggest smile on his face, oh aren't we pleased for you Mr Forrest!

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