Friday, 21 May 2010

Life Cycle of a Fern Pre-Vis with sound (draft)

Sound is a draft recording of the script which is subject to change, and is not the best quality until I get my microphone back to record a final recording. Hopefully I can get feedback, be it on blogger or in person, to make any changes to the animation, as I am willing to change a lot, from music and speech to the actual animation itself.

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  1. Hey Bharathi,

    I've got to say that your narration just made me smile and smile; there is a lightness of touch, warmth and 'giggle' at the heart of your script which I love - honestly - I'm very impressed by your performance and your style: it's very engaging. In terms of camera work etc. there is just something a bit 'aimless' about the middle section when 'Mr Fern' is on his date; I feel like you need to make this more intimate - more like something from a date movie - as everything happens at a mid-distance; indeed, you do keep your camera 'away' from the action - even when the gamophytes grow, you keep your viewer away from what's happening; I suggest you tighten up the film, with a more structured choice of shots (Remember all those tutorials you did for Alan about creating intimacy during a filmed conversation?). Also look again at the camera rig tutorials, as currently, your camera work lacks control and seems a bit 'fidgety', when I suggest more directed and purposeful shots will help tell your story. I also want you to think about the film in its totality; for instance, currently, the film just starts, but what about the first 10 secs - does the music start in darkness, what font are you going to use? What graphical elements? In tone, your film strongly reminds me of the Honda ad that Mark from Nexus showed you during his visit:

    What I can't tell from your pre-viz are your decisions re. art direction, but I'd suggest that your idea lends itself to bold stylisation, in terms of use of colour; for instance, using different colours to signal the gender of the spores; using strong, plain colour backgrounds and happy suns and blue skies and white clouds; your narration is so 'cute' that it would be a great shame if the world of your animation and its style was less so - give it some thought - but, yes, the narration is really lovely and I think you need to allow it to drive the whole look of your final piece...