Monday, 9 May 2011

First week of Work Experience!

I've just finished the first week of my five week work experience with Fitzrovia Youth in Action. I can honestly say that I am enjoying the experience and am learning more and more everyday! I initially was worried about how much creative input I could actually present to FYA, but was reassured on the first day!

FYA have two media projects simultaneously running, the first a magazine, On Road, which looks at the subject of 'Identity' and the second, a video project highlighting Fitzrovia's youth football team during their season. I was able to provide creative ideas into the various articles that could be used in the latest issue. I was also able to suggest bringing FYA's mascot to life for the first time, through modeling and animation. I am currently working on this in Maya and the final result will be used in the video project.

I have also been able to work alongside my line manager in a group meeting with potential young writers from a company called Jobtrain. Within this, I led the icebreaker session and helped bounce ideas back and forth between the young people.

I have also had some experience helping distribute some of the previous issue of On Road magazine. I phoned up various doctor surgeries, dentists and libraries to offer them some free copies of the magazine.

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  1. Great stuff, Bo! I look forward to reading more :D