Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Second week of Work Experience!

I have just finished my second week of work experience and I am happy to say that the work isn't getting too mundane, and my creativity is constantly being tested!

A residential took place with with around 30 young people, staffed by my line manager and others. Although I didn't go on the residential, I created some content for the trip, including 6 full size flip chart paper drawings of the world's continents (excluding Antartica) for a healthy living activity.

I have also begun modeling the Fitzrovia mascot, Mr. Fitz, and will continue to further model, rig, and animate him.

I have also created some initial ideas and research methods into the content I will produce for the new magazine issue. I have decided to cover Online identity and Art identity, hopefully using some of UCA's very own students as voices for my articles for the latter, publishing Unit 1 Portraiture work in the magazine!

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