Monday, 23 May 2011

Third week of Work Experience

My third week was a reassuring, productive and enjoyable one!

I managed to create my animation for the Fitzrovia ident. This just needs to be converted from still images into a sequence using video editing software. A still from it can be seen above.

I was also able to help lead an 'events' day for young people at Fitzrovia Youth in Action. We had a turnout of about 20, and ran events including t-shirt printing, bracelet making and video gaming. I was assigned to t-shirt printing, and I helped the kids to be creative in their designs. Some children used the t-shirt as a medium of portraying their favourite tv-shows, and I helped to draw some of their favourite cartoon characters. This went down extremely well, and the director of FYA asked if I could run some 'drawing workshops' during the Summer for the young people.

I continued to research for the magazine articles, and found some interesting statistics accumulated by Sue Fiddler regarding Social Networking and young people.

Working for FYA is helping me find myself. There is something extremely rewarding about helping a person excel in their life.

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