Monday, 30 May 2011

Fourth week of Work Experience!

For the magazine project, I was required to devise an article looking at the subject of Identity. I decided that one of my article's would look at 'social identity'. I got in contact with a young person enthusiastic about writing on this topic. I am responsible for helping her write the article which will look at the differences between how you are represented online and in person. I was also taught by my line manager how to email a corporation in order to get permission to reproduce any copyrighted images, to publish in the magazine, which I did.

Our manager had to attend a corporate event with our sponsors Metro Bank. At that time, no members of staff were available, and I was asked to assist him at this event. I spoke to various members of staff at Metro Bank, and told them about who I am, what I do, and what FYA do. I was also given a tour around the bank and given some freebies!

Having learnt how to update the youth organisation's website, I was given articles to post up. The director would send me images that I had to retouch in photoshop and post on the website with accompanying text. I had to update the layout and formatting of the website at the director's will.

I felt like a true member of staff at FYA, attending team meetings, and having my own opinion considered just as important as other members of staff. I feel privileged to be part of such a supportive team, and it means even more that a leaving do is being arranged! The director felt that I contributed a lot during the last Young Person's day, and I was personally asked to lead 'illustration workshops' with the young people during the next one.

I have found myself working for FYA, and have as a result applied for, and received a job, leading art based sessions with young people during the Summer.

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