Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jason and the Argonauts review

The plot for this film was very intriguing and gripped me all the way through. I was a little surprised by the ending, as it was sudden and I guess if anything, I wanted to see atleast an extra 5 minutes of Jason aboard the ship as a sort of 'warm-down' to the film. By the current standards in special effects, the stop motion used throughout the film is far from, however this did not bother me whilst watching. The film was gripping and if anything, the oversized creatures used throughout were understandable and their dominance was put across successfully. At the time, the special effects were state-of-the-art, so this would add even more emphasis to the effect of the 'skeleton' scene. I believe that this film, is another that has had it's techniques used in more recent films. One example is the way in which skeletons arise from the bones thrown in the ground, this similar to how the 'saibermen' in Dragonball Z arise from the pods in the ground.

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