Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lotte Reiniger's Cinderella review

Phil gave us a heads up on how the Cinderella silent animation would test out patience. I was worried because of this, but was pleasantly surprised to find I that I enjoyed every second of it. It is definitely a film that did not need music. I was thinking, once it had finished, 'if I were to put music on, what would I use, and would it enhance it in anyway?', the conclusion I came to was, probably grand piano playing the traditional minor keys for sad moments, and major keys for happy, but in my opinion this, wouldn't necessarily 'improve' the piece, strange enough, in my opinion. I was also surprised at how quickly it cuts between each scene and how cleverly scenes were linked together e.g. placing three related stories on-screen at once, and going through each one individually and also using the scissors cutting around the borders as a transition. I was incredibly shocked when Cinderella's stepmother cut off part of her foot, it shows how animations have given us a 'standard' to what we expect to see on-screen. Especially since it was a silhoutte, made of paper, with the blood being 'cartoony' droplets and the fact it was a straight line cut through the foot, just shows how big a part 'censorship' plays in our lives and how wrong it would be if Disney were to use blood.

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  1. Have look at the video I posted - it actually shows Reiniger animating the cutouts!