Monday, 29 March 2010

Relating Character Location to Characteristic

I have chosen the location of my animation to be in a family house. I have chosen this as there are endless amounts of household items that can be used in my story and the Christmas tree won't feel out of place here.

The challenge then is to relate the items in the household to the characteristic of the Christmas tree, gymnastic. I will do this by comparing an 'ironing board', to a 'diving board'. A 'sofa', to a 'trampoline' and a 'Christmas card display' to a 'bar'.

The box I will be using for the delivery will be two simple open top cubes, this is because it is the easiest to animate as the two pieces are solid and are not easily deformed.

The presents will be bright coloured boxes with contrasting ribbons. This design is a very familiar one that represents what it is clearly.

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