Thursday, 18 March 2010

Plot for first idea!

Act 1
A calendar is shown to establish that it is the 25th of December. We then see the Christmas tree, happy, with all the different decorations on it.

Act 2
The calendar turns it's pages a few weeks past December 25th. We then see the naked Christmas tree with no decorations on it. It feels both sad and cold.

Act 3
The Christmas tree sees the box of decorations in the distance, and jumps to it. It tips the box over, and throws the various decorations on it's body in a flamboyant fashion. The Christmas tree is happy.

At the moment, this idea feels as if it is too simple, and predictable, I almost feel like adding a twist at the end, but I'm not sure how and whether this would effect the simplicity of it. I was thinking, at the end, after maneuvering all the decorations back onto itself in style, it could do a final jump (like the one's seen in gymnastic events with the finish) back into it's position and then all the decorations falling off?

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  1. Evening Bharathi,

    Remember - less can be more - and often is - especially if you need to produce 600 drawings! How about taking some inspiration from the article below?

    A 'Tree-in-a-box' ?

    How about creating a tree that leaps from a crate etc...? Act 1 - Crate arrives. Act 2 crate opens...