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Meeting summary: Monday 27th September

This is a summary of todays meeting:


New Story:

Set in the year 2000.

Crew investigate Mars, looking for signs of life, e.g. Water.

They find a small amount of water, almost like a spring, pulsating upwards, and then almost instantly vaporizing.

V V V (this part of the story is subject to change) V V V
To further investigate, they begin to drill.
One of the crew members crashes his segway.
More and more crew members gather around the water. And the surface breaks.

All of these possibilities end in a hole being created, with light shooting upwards from it.

They contact Earth, NASA advise them to return to Earth as there is not enough information gathered about what's underneath the surface, to investigate it.

As they walk away from the hole, a crew members falls in.

They decide not to leave a member behind. (A fight between the crew occurs similar to the one in Alien where they argue over whether they should let the infected crew member in). Eventually they decide to investigate the hole, lowering themselves down on a rope, in order to save the fallen crew member.

They see the new world underneath the surface of Mars in all its glory (could look however we want it to).

They reach the bottom of the hole, but the fallen crew member is nowhere to be found!

They begin the search for the crew member. It is during this search, that they begin to see suspicious shadows moving around.

Another crew member is suddenly taken, by an invisible force, and carried away. The rest of the crew begin chase, but can't keep up.

Using what's available on Mars (could be anything) plus what they have on them, they begin to create weapons.

Next, a force takes hold of another crew member, but the crew member pushes himself free, in this time, they use their weapons to hit the invisible force, once its hit, it reveals the actual blob. The blob flees.

This is about up to as much the trailer could show without giving away too much of the story.

The rest of the story, involves the crew following the blobs blood trail after it is hit, and finding the other crew members. A fight entails between the blob and the crew members. After, rescuing their crew members, they begin the journey back to the spacecraft. They leave Mars, for Earth, not knowing that an invisible blob has made its way onto the spacecraft.


Memorable scenes for the trailer:

- Spacecraft landing
- Surface shot
- Search for water
- Segway crash/Drilling/surface collapses
- Decision to return to Earth
- Crew member falls in
- Decision to save crew member
- Shot of the new Mars landscape (inside the hole)
- Scene with the moving shadow
- Capturing of another astronaut
- First time seeing the blob


More reference films:

Evolution, Nausicaa, Land of the Lost,


Question and notes:

- Should we see the blob?
- Ident at the start, could be the 'Lucid' logo being drawn by the Invisible trail (refraction) of the blob.
- On Mars, the sunsets are blue (FACT)
- The plants could be red (satire, referencing an old belief that as Earth's plants are green, Mars' plants are red)
- Astronaut faces could reflect our (Lucid's) faces.



Bharathi: Script

Charlotte: Concept art

Matt: Storyboard

Simon: Weapon design

Everyone: Concept ideas (e.g. the Mars inside the hole), Astronaut character design ideas, Personalities of characters,


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