Saturday, 15 January 2011

Voice and Sound ideas...

Voice over:

A crew....sent by NASA, to the planet Mars, are in for the shock of their lives as they realise the planet is hiding a beautiful secret...However, not everything is as it seems on the beautiful planet. Lurking in the midst of the crimson crevices, is a living creature, invisible to the human eye. Join the crew as they experience a journey of deadly discoveries and life-threatening challenges.

Voices and Sounds:

"What you got there?"
"Whoahh" (ground begins to break)
"Houston, we have found an extra layer of ground, permission to proceed"..."Negative, return to the craft"
"Let's head back!"
"Ahh, help!!! Ahhhhhhh" (one of the crew falls in)
"I ain't leavin him behind!"
*struggling and heavy breathing* as they go down the rope
" I'll be damned" (as we see the new Mars landscape)
"*gasp* what was that?" (as the shadow goes by)
"Cries out name" (member shouts at the member that is taken by the blob)
"Ahhhhhh" (member is taken by the blob)
"Grrrraaahhhhhh" (member hittin blob with built weapon)
"Cryyyy" (sound made by blob as it is hit)

Mars Ambient sound.
Indent sound.
Spacecraft landing sound.
Water spring and vaporization sound.
Surface breaking sound.
Lowering of Rope and against hand sound.
Blob movement sound.
Blob sound as it takes astronaut away.

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