Tuesday, 25 January 2011

NEW Transcription story!

Set in South India, Lonely kid sitting at bus stand minding his own business reading a book.

Two bullies are walking, big one and small one ,the big one pauses and points to a rice stand, and looks at the small bully for approval.

The small bully disapproves and they both walk up to the kid.

Small bully chucks a rock at the kid.

The lonely kid ignores him and carries on reading.

Big bully drags the small bully with him and encourages him to carry on walking.

The big bully stops and points at the rice stand again, and again looks at the small bully for approval.

The small bully again disapproves and turns around.

In turning around, he realises that there is a 'forbidden rice field' in front of him. He sees the 'forbidden' sign, and chucks a rock at it.

The small bully tries to give the big bully a rock.

The big bully shakes his head in disapproval and points at the rice stand again.

The small bully forces the big bully to take the rock.

The big bully reluctantly agrees to throw it.

However, in throwing the rock, the big bully stumbles and falls into the rice field.

The small bully gets scared and paranoid, and decides to run instead of saving his friend.

The lonely kid, about to get on a bus to school, sees the big bully in the rice field, and decides not to get on the bus.

The lonely kid runs over to help the big guy. In doing so, the small bully looks over from a distance in guilt.

Eventually the lonely kid helps the big guy up. But once up, the lonely kid trips over his foot and is about to fall into the rice field, but something saves him.

He looks up and finds out that the person holding his hand, preventing him from falling in, is the small bully.

Exhausted, they all sit there. The big bully calls over his small bully friend, and points at the rice field. The water had evaporated and the field turned into rice. The small bully laughs, and grabs a handful of rice and gives it to the big bully.

The lonely kid is then seen reading the book to the two bullies.

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