Monday, 31 January 2011

Transcription Vlog 3: Live Action Shooting!

Last weekend, some friends and I filmed a live action video of my Transcription project. I enjoyed the shoot as I wasn't too bothered about continuity errors as it was only to get a jist of the movements to aid in my animation. We ran into some problems regarding camera battery life and sped up the filming a bit more, howoever we did have a backup camera just incase. Yoshi Slippers!

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  1. Hey Bharathi,

    Vlogging is great - but I just think you should formalise it a little bit more than you are currently, so that it your professionalism is on show too. Also, I've been following your story idea - the bullies and the rice field - but I'm a bit confused: what are you transcribing?

    Also - remember all the first year work on the 3 act structure etc? I think you need to think more clearly about the basics; character, goal, obstacles, resolution etc...