Thursday, 21 January 2010

Halloween written review

In terms of 'the uncanny', there were a few scenes that gave me that feeling. For example, when Jamie Lee Curtis' character was walking down the street alone and kept feeling she was being watched. At the start, during the opening credits, the camera slowly zooms into the eye of a jack-o-lanturn and then the scene that follows is from Michael's point of view, connoting that we are looking through the eyes of a monster. When Phil asked "what did the remake of Halloween do that didn't need to be done in the original", I did not answer because I did not see the remake, however I assumed that in the remake they explained why Michael has the behaviour that he has. I assumed this, because it happens alot in modern films, e.g. Jet Li's Unleashed - explains why Jet Li's character behaves and is treated like a dog. But I did not speak up, as to be honest, I don't think there's too much wrong with doing this, I believe that nowadays viewers want things to be as realistic as possible, unless it's set in a different world created by the director, but if somethings set in 1978, Illinois, you'd want to be able to relate to it, otherwise you'd feel like just saying "oh, come on, would that really happen", but I'm not sure, maybe it's things like that, that were seen differently in the 70s.

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