Thursday, 21 January 2010

Stepford Wives written review

When this started I wasn't sure where the director would be taking it in order for the film to fall into 'the uncanny'. It started off like an American comedy, with the bright production design of the sets and the constant references to American daily life. As it progressed, one of the female wives got into an accident, and for some reason she kept repeating the things she was saying, at the time I thought "this is a problem with the script me and Shafi are gonna talk about this in our video review" (which by the way, we may still may do post-deadline, I intended on doing them for all films, but my time management isn't the best, and Shafi was absent for a week aaaand it's difficult acquiring the footage) so then I realised later that the reason this female was repeating herself, was not because of a scripting problem, it was because she was a ROBOT!!!! I was shocked that I couldn't read into the film, and find that out earlier especially because I was under the impression that as cinema has advanced, so has the audience, but I did not expect that. It became clearer and clearer as the women began to malfunction more often. The scenes involving Joanna's robots' 'alien' eyes definitely were 'eerie and frightening'.

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