Thursday, 21 January 2010

Poltergeist written review

Films like this really do allow you to be creative, because as soon as you've established there are extra terrestrial forces, you can pretty much justify anything (within reason) that follows. However, Poltergeist does a good job in portraying what would happen if 'they' came. One thing, that I agree modern cinema should go back to, is spending longer establishing characters. A modern film that I can think of that doesn't do this too well, and is a shame, is Gran Torino, I did not believe Clint Eastwood was prepared to die for his neighbours like that, something I believe they should have spent longer establishing. Poltergeist on the other hands presents you with all the characters, and establishes there characteristics slowly and surely, so you are never surprised by any of their actions. I also believe, that they made their actions believable so you weren't ever asking "why would he/she do that?". Another thing that I like, and seems to happen with alot of Spielbergs work is that he takes a story all the way to the end, until you are actually satisfied with the ending, it usually results in a longer film, but whenever you're watching, you're like 'it's going to end, please don't end' and then it carries on and you're like 'good'.

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